Tuesday, 31 March 2009

March 30th

30th March

Eric and Sarah were off to a friend’s wedding this morning. This took place on the sea ice and the bride arrived by dog sled. As you do ...

We made it to the airport early only to be given a 50/50 chance of the flight going. Luckily things in Resolute had brightened and we were allowed to board the plane...only to be told that it had a flat tyre. Before we could panic about just how many spare aeroplane tyres a small town like Iqaluit might have, they had replaced it and we were finally flying for Resolute.

At this time of year it doesn’t get dark in Resolute until 10pm and soon there will be 24 hours daylight. This, and hopefully some good weather, will enable us to do some training for the expedition during our stay. Getting used to walking on ice, pulling a sled and acclimatising to the cold will be really important before we begin the expedition proper.

Discussing our route with locals, we’ve been told that there is a lot of open water in the area we want to walk through - and a shed load of bears. Tomorrow we'll need to look at the options...

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