Wednesday, 15 April 2009

April 13

April 13th (Day 12)
We all managed to get a good night’s sleep despite the eerie and surprisingly loud noise of the ice cracking as the tides and pressure changed. It’s a particularly disturbing sound when you’re sleeping on it!

In the morning we were straight back into the rubble, using the high points to search for open spaces and pick our way through as best we could. But there really isn't an art to this kind of crossing – just brute force and luck. Because of the rough terrain my pulk ended upside down a few times and both Phil and I broke bindings because of the strain of moving our pulks.

Becks has begun really well and is managing to cross the rubble easily with her lighter pulk. We passed more bear tracks all day but still no sightings yet.

We called it a day in a large clearing and set up camp. I am sitting on my pulk in the evening sunshine writing up the blog. Mark is cooking dinner tonight for me and Phil; we'll be having extra sausages in preparation for a big day tomorrow.

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