Sunday, 26 April 2009

April 21st

(April 21st) Day 20
Current position
76' 01 N
90' 04 W

I was woken up last night by my feet hitting the floor. A couple of seconds later my legs were lifted off the floor again. Very weird. In a daze I realized that the wind had moved one of the pulks we had tethered the tent to and it was now lifting the end of the tent off the ground with me and Phil in it. We managed to secure the tent again but repeatedly during the night the walls of the tent were pushed against us by the force of the wind. Not a good night’s sleep.

This wind continued throughout the whole day. It was exhausting as we spent ten hours walking into the wind. However the pace we have achieved over the last four days has been excellent and we have achieved 51 miles in this time alone. Now, just 120 miles of sea ice lie between us and Grise Fiord.

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