Sunday, 26 April 2009

April 18th

(April 18th) Day 17
Becks did her interview and we made it away by 10am. The weather was fantastic and I wore just base layers to keep cool while pulling the sledge.

In terms of navigation we had two options: a direct but more difficult route across the rolling high ground or a longer flatter option following the river beds. Mark and I decided the team would do better on the flatter sections so we skied in the river system all day.

In the afternoon we passed a pair of arctic hares - the first I had seen. They were making a life in amongst a section of bare rocks. I find it amazing to see life out here in such a barren place with such little apparent food or shelter – I can’t see how they manage to find enough to eat under the blanket of snow.

Towards the end of the day we past some bizarre rock formations; cliffs built of huge perfectly square blocks of rock, pushed out from the hillside. Quite spectacular - it reminded me of Norwich University's architecture. I could see Phil, who is a climber, picking out routes as he skied in front of me.

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