Thursday, 30 April 2009

April 24th

April 24th (Day 23)

A bright and sunny start this morning. We put another call in to the Warden and we get the same advice - that the ice will clear.

We continued to head east and it’s hard work - I strip down to my base layers to stay cool. My foot is much better - it finally blistered so was much easier to deal with.

Phil and Becks had problems with their ski skins working loose. Both were fixed easily enough but the interruptions broke the rhythm of the day.

In the afternoon we came up against some "big" rubble - lumps of ice the sizes of cars! Crossing the rubble takes some nerve as you are climbing really high onto the slabs of ice.

We continued until 9.30pm and completed 12 miles. This was short of our goal but reasonable for the terrain and we were reluctant to push too far into the night at this stage.

As we neared the site where we camped the ice cleared and we passed some really massive bear prints. We are hoping for a quiet night!

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