Sunday, 26 April 2009

April 17th

(April 17th) Day 16
We had a late start, perhaps because we had another disturbed night’s sleep. As we put up the tents last night it felt like there was a storm brewing and it was very windy all night which kept us awake a bit. We woke in the morning to very low visibility and winds possibly as high as 40mph (not great when you’re in a tent).

As we got on to the land of Devon Island the wind was driving the snow horizontally at us – this made navigation very difficult. It was almost impossible to keep perspective and judge distances and we fell plenty of times whenever the ground level changed unexpectedly. This actually was all really brilliant fun!

Despite the conditions we decided to continue which proved to be the right choice as in the afternoon the weather brightened and we made good progress. We camped in a valley after completing about 8 miles.

We'll have a later start tomorrow as Becks is doing an interview via sat phone first thing. It'll be nice to have a lie in!

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