Friday, 10 April 2009

April 8th

April 8th (Day 7)
Current position 75 08N 94 17W
While pulling last night the bird dropped in again - we’re probably the most interesting thing for miles. It paraded up and down in front of us and then flew off - I have no idea what it eats out here!

The day was quite dull. We rest for a few minutes each hour, sitting on our sleds alongside each other so we can chat. Our conversations are therefore entirely random - a collection of our thoughts from the last hour, and how the mind wonders! Today for example, we gave each other super-hero names; tried to work out what Goofy is if Pluto is a dog; and created a list of famous cats. Answers on a postcard please

In the last couple of hours the terrain got much more interesting. We entered a series of gullies and really had to work hard to manhandle the sledges through. Tonight we put some distance between us and the gullies as they are more likely to have bears wandering around in them.

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