Wednesday, 8 April 2009

April 6th

April 6th (Day 5)
We got up at 5am and were pulling by 8am. It had been a very cold night and I woke up shivering a few times.

The pace today was much better and we easily covered 4 miles this morning - this was despite Phil feeling low on energy all day. In the afternoon we hit a series of gorges where navigation was difficult. Crossing the gorges was really slow and hard work; it took all four of us to get each pulk up the sides.
I managed to break a ski binding today - perhaps due to the tough going – but we all have spares so it only took ten minutes to fix.

We saw signs of wildlife throughout the day. But while we crossed arctic fox tracks quite a few times we never actually saw one.


  1. Hi there I'm Jo Hibberd, Ian's sister. Please can you pass on love from all of us back in the UK to him. Hope you are all well and everything is going fine. Mum says Sophie and Indie are good.

    Thinking of you all in the cold while tucking into my easter eggs! (Ian got the looks I got the brains) Take care love Jo, Nick, Mum, Dad and Ebbie.

  2. Will pass that on Jo! Happy Easter!